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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I've been married for 20yrs and we have 2 healthy children.
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Maybe you have spoken to your therapist or clergy person, or a trusted friend or family member. Your marriage, despite all the hard work you did together or separately, is over. But when?
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You've hemmed and hawed. Maybe you've been in counseling for months; maybe you've just been quietly observing -- unable to believe it -- as your marriage disintegrated into ignored conversations and diverging lives. No matter the situation, you've decided...
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Verified by Psychology Today. Contemplating Divorce. Without question, the cruelest way you can tell your spouse you want out of the marriage is to never mention that you are unhappy and then, one day quite out...
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Something has to change. I feel frozen.
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Maybe even to divorce. We all know to avoid those times!
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